• Our Exams

    Our Exams

    A comprehensive exam program that involves all.

The examination program is designed to make it easy to involve ALL of your students in a program that gives them a graphic demonstration that they are meeting or surpassing the standard for private music students suggested by the American Guild of Music.

An examiner is brought to your location on a convenient date and conducts examinations in a private, one-on-one situation on piano, organ, portable keyboard, or guitar. Private teachers are invited to have their students participate at the most convenient location.

The student chooses a LEVEL (one through ten) which they feel best represents their present stage of achievement. They play a song from the Test List for that LEVEL (memorization) plus scales and chords, and take a written theory test for that LEVEL. In higher LEVELS, they add a song of their own choice and may be asked to sight read a short passage.

A certificate of Achievement is awarded for each passing score. LEVEL 10 receives a plaque.

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