• Contests at AGM

    Contests at AGM

    The American Guild of Music contests focus on the needs of the “everyday” music student.


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Cincinnati, Ohio

Test Upcoming Event

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The American Guild of Music provides our independent music teacher members with opportunities to:


Attract New Students

Through our online directory, parents from your area can easily find you – including the information you’ve provided highlighting your expertise and experience.


Encourage Current Students to Continue Studies

Encourage Current Students to Continue Studies AGM’s events provide our members’ students with the chance to shine, while having fun – inspiring them to want to practice and achieve more. It is great incentive for continue learning and building skills.


Find Camaraderie and Collaboration

As musicians and educators, we recharge our batteries by learning new pieces and techniques - then sharing what we’ve learned with our audiences and students. Our member community and events provide a support structure to enable you to continue to grow and shine – just like you enable your students!


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